Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You know you're an encopresis parent if...

You know you're an encopresis parent if...

1) You have an extra pair of underwear and pants for your child in the glove compartment of your car and in your purse at all times.

2) You spend more time chatting online with other enco parents (that you've never met in real life) than you do with your actual friends.

3) An old friend from high school emails you out of the blue because their child is having pooping problems and they heard you might be able to help.

4) You know where to buy pull-ups to fit a 7 year old.

5) When you strike up a conversation with another parent at the park, you inevitably start talking about pooping.  Every time!

6) You've ever caused hundreds of kids to leave a waterpark because your child leaked some poop into the pool.  

7) You're on a first name basis with the receptionist at the pediatric gastroenterologist's office.

8) You know the laxative aisle at Target like the back of your hand.

My favorite aisle at Target! :)

9) You are willing to do anything and everything to help your child heal from encopresis!

Are you an encopresis parent? Do any of these ring true for you?

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