Having a child with constipation and encopresis problems is no fun!

* Constipation (hard poops)

* Encopresis (a fancy term for "soiling," or frequent poop crumbs or smears in the underwear)

You are not alone and there are solutions!  Your child does not have to suffer with pooping problems.  

Here are 6 EASY POOPING SOLUTIONS that you can implement immediately.

1) Quit using Miralax. (Read more about Miralax here)

2) Give your child 2 cups of 100% fruit juice per day. (Read more about fruit juice here)

3) Start eating a dairy-free diet. (Read more about a dairy-free diet here)

4) Try using Ex-lax. (Read more about Ex-lax here)

5) Use enemas and suppositories as a last resort (Read more about suppositories and enemas here)

6) Keep a poop journal (Read more about keeping a poop journal here)

I have struggled to help my daughter overcome constipation and encopresis problems for several years.  It has been our experience (and the experience of dozens of other parents with similar problems) that these 6 easy steps are the keys to getting your child on the road to healing.  You probably didn't even imagine yourself reading a blog about POOPING, but here you are!

Constipation and encopresis are very common childhood problems.  They are not fun to deal with and your family and friends are sick of hearing about it!  But these are problems are treatable.  You can solve this!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor.  Obviously you need to follow the medical advice given to you by your doctor. This is what has worked for us.  


  1. Thank you for setting up a blog on this distressing and embarrassing condition.

    If you want to read about encopresis from a child's point of view then you may be interested in my blog posts in which I talk about my own childhood soiling problems:




    1. UPDATE: I have now deleted my blog Writing from 7 and started a new blog concentrating on soiling in children, called Childhood Soiling: http://childhoodsoiling.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Thanks for stopping by! It is great to hear from your perspective!