Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Get Support

Having a child with encopresis can be overwhelming.  Sometimes it feels like the problem is taking over your life.  

There are lots of support groups out there.

Here are some examples:

1) - This site offers a book and an online forum for treating encopresis.

2) - This is a comprehensive online program with videos, chats and reading materials.

3) Facebook support group - A great place to ask questions and get advice.

4) Doctor Daum - A pediatric GI doctor who provides personalized treatment plans via telephone.  I didn't know about this doctor when we were struggling with encopresis, but I wish I had!!  

Have you used any of these support tools?  Were they helpful?

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  1. Like you, I started a blog ( to help other parents get support. When I started my blog, I didn't know (yet) that my son had encopresis! Now I am shocked at how long it took us to get the diagnosis. I think this is very common for enco families as parents struggle in silence or have to search a long time before finding the right support or medical provider for their child. I am a member of both the Soiling Solutions forum and UCanPoopToo. They have been wonderfully helpful! I am not on Facebook, but I'd be very happy if someone could post a link to my blog on the Facebook support group for Encopresis families. I also have a link to a survey on my blog for parents to take to share about the emotional challenges they and their child(ten) have faced when potty training has taken a really long time. It sounds like we had similar emotional reactions while potty training our children with encopresis and were able to find a silver lining in the journey (like becoming more compassionate). I encourage you and other readers to visit my site and take the survey.